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Welcome to FIT HIT

A 60 minutes class total body workout on human like punching bags that combines high level fitness with real life self defense skills.

Addictive Energy

Lights, Music, Action!

Our classes are designed to work your entire body while teaching you the moves. It’s fun, empowering and will motivate you to come back for more!

FIT HIT Instructors

Simply put –the best of the best.

No amateurs here our mentors talk the talk and walk the walk. Our staff is highly trained to light up a fire in you and keep it burning well after you leave the class.

Our Instructors
Fitness Journey

You don’t need to be a fighter to train like one.

If you are in good shape, get ready to be challenged like never before. If you are in less than perfect shape (like most of us on day one), the instructors will modify every movement to fit your level. You will see physical improvements in a very short period of time.

FIT HIT Amenities

From lavish lockers and showers, a hang out lounge area and 2 training studios we got everything you need to get stronger and have fun .

Customized Nutrition Planning

Upscale Lounge Area

Towel Service

Best in Class training areas

Digital Lockers


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Weight Loss Programs and Body Transformations

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