We couldn’t find a fitness class with badass skills.

So we created FIT HIT.

FIT HIT is the evolution

of Krav Maga Academy.

When he got off the subway he heard a scream coming from the E-86th station’s stairs.

Matan, a former special ops commander in charge of all combat training,  ran towards the noise and discovered a young woman, on the ground visibly distraught, with blood coming out of her mouth.

He quickly approached her, helped her up and asked what had happened but she was in shock and could not say anything. A bystander told him that a random person passed her by the stairs, punched her in the face and walked into the very same train Matan just came out of – disappearing without a trace.

Matan quickly took the young woman out of the subway, into a cab and together rode to the hospital. During the ride she calmed down a bit and told Matan the same story. Someone passed her, punched her hard and walked away.

Matan, who has been coaching police, military and federal units told her that there is a skill set that she can learn that could help insure she will never be victimized again.

She looked up and said: “ok, but where am I going to go? I’m a 120lbs lawyer not a fighter”

This was the moment Matan realized there was something huge missing in the world.

Real self-defense skills were only taught in “Martial Arts” places and involved full contact, bare-bone amenities and high risk of injury.

The fitness market only offered aerobic boxing/kickboxing classes that did not focus on real fight skills.

In the following weeks Matan started researching the problem in depth and found out how big it really was. The numbers were staggering.

20% of all women in the US will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 1 in 5.

Estimated 600 women are assaulted in NYC alone every single week.

It was then Matan found his calling and decided to create the only place that will give women and men that don’t feel comfortable in the traditional “fight clubs”, real fighting skills and an incredible athletic experience.

And that’s how FIT HIT was born

FIT HIT delivers an electric high energy cardio class but with focus on real-life self-defense skills. We removed the risk of injuries by developing a proprietary human punching bag which gives the realistic feeling of how and where strikes and kicks should land.

Make your gym time a time for personal growth.

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  • National Geographic
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • Anderson Cooper
  • The British BBC
  • Shape Magazine
  • New York Times
  • Woman’s Day
  • Washington Post
  • and Many More
Matan Gavish

Founder and Chief Instructor

A former Krav Maga officer for a special-ops unit in the Israeli Defense Forces in charge of training Krav Maga, Close Combat, and Counter-Terrorism to hundreds of Special Ops soldiers, Matan has trained US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers and is actively working with NYPD Tactical Training Unit in design, practice and implementation of Krav Maga to the New York Police Academy.

Matan believes that empowerment through training is key to success not only in violent situations but in any stressful curveball life may throw our way. Building a strong and sharp mind along with a strong body is one of the elements most emphasized in Matan’s training. In additions to Krav Maga, Matan holds 8 fitness certificates and has a BA from Columbia University in NYC.


Our Manhattan location is a state of the art gym with the best gear, mats, and equipment on the market.


122 W 27 ST
New York, NY 10010[/vc_column_text]

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