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FIT HIT is a safe group fitness experience that teaches real self-defense skills on a human-like punching bag.

Our workouts are fuelled by music, action, and passionate instructors. The bag is soft enough to enjoy hitting yet firm enough to give the feel of combat.  

What We Offer

Self Defense

Learn the moves. We’ll teach you where, when, and how to strike with maximum efficiency. Krav Maga style.

Strength & Cardio Party

Fight training turns you into a fat-obliterating machine. Achieve muscle tone and a cut physique, without the bulk, while striking to specifically designed DJ sets.

Personal Training

Prefer to make it personal? We have trainers fully equipped to help you smash your fitness and fight goals, including nutrition and supplementation counseling.

$hit just got Real

The Hawk, Our proprietary human-like punching bag, makes all the difference.  Take on the Hawk – then take on the world. Groin shots are highly recommended.

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