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FIT HIT is a fun group fitness experience that teaches real self-defense skills on a human-like punching bag.

It’s 50% Fitness (FIT) 

50% Self Defense (HIT)

Seamlessly integrated to make you strong, fit, empowered and safe. 

Our workouts are beginner friendly, exciting and our community is like nothing you have ever experience in a gym.   

What We Offer

Self Defense Krav Maga

Learn the moves. We’ll teach you where, when, and how to strike with maximum efficiency. Krav Maga style.

Strength & Cardio Party

Fight training turns you into a fat-obliterating machine. Achieve muscle tone and a cut physique, without the bulk, while striking to specifically designed DJ sets.

Mindset Training

We are the only boutique gym that offer a complete curriculum of mindset training and mental fortitude coaching. Learn how to become truly powerful from the inside.  

Nutrition planning

2 full time nutritionists on staff make sure our students receive nutrition guidance and support to hit both aesthstetics and athletic goals. No more guess work – science only. 

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