Boutique Fitness and Self Defense Class

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FIT HIT is a fun group fitness experience that teaches real self-defense skills on a human-like punching bag.

There is a fighter in you and together we will nurture it.

Increase confidence, performance and peace of mind knowing you will be able to handle yourself in “sticky” situations.

Be coached by a dedicated and passionate team that is here to empower and elevate you every step of the way.

So you get in Shape (FIT) 

And learn real fight skills (HIT)

Seamlessly integrated to make you strong, fit, empowered and safe. 

We teach modern Krav Maga – the best self defense system designed specifically to work against bigger and stronger bad guys.

Our workouts are beginner friendly, exciting and our community will welcome you with open arms.

FIT HIT isn’t a typical gym. It isn’t a “dojo”. It is place of physical, mental and spiritual growth.


What We Offer

Self Defense Krav Maga

Learn the moves. We’ll teach you where, when, and how to strike with maximum efficiency. Krav Maga style.

Strength & Cardio Party

Fight training turns you into a fat-obliterating machine. Achieve muscle tone and a cut physique, without the bulk, while striking to specifically designed DJ sets.

Mindset Training

We are the only boutique gym that offer a complete curriculum of mindset training and mental fortitude coaching. Learn how to become truly powerful from the inside.  

Nutrition planning

2 full time nutritionists on staff make sure our students receive nutrition guidance and support to hit both aesthstetics and athletic goals. No more guess work – science only. 

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