Wear What You Want Challenge

Be Strong and Confident

When we heard that NYPD recommended women to stop wearing shorts and skirts for their safety we felt compelled to do something. 

First - because there is no evidence that certain outfits makes one less safe

Second - Because real safety and confidence come from a skillset - not wishful thinking.
And when the likelihood of being assaulted in the US is 1 in 5, switching to pants isn't going to make a difference. 

So the kickass female instructors of FIT HIT came up with a new challenge
To make sure you are stronger, more confident, sexier and SAFER!

The Wear Whatever the F' You Want Challenge is ON!

Challenge Includes

Krav Maga - Master Escapes of 12 of the most common assaults on women
Strength Training - Become stronger, toned, more athletic and more confident with a step by step training program. 
Nutrition planning-  designed for your personal aesthetics and performance goals. 
Personal Support: Personal coaching you are never alone. 
Mindset training - Weekly huddles with the FIT HIT LEGACY private community

BONUS for Graduates: 
A photoshoot day with a pro high fashion photographer 
 celebrating fitting into whatever you want!

Schedule your coach call to see 
if this challenge is right for you