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6 Steps to Becoming More Aggressive

This training is for you if you:

The Speaker:
Matan Gavish is a former  special ops soldier, Krav Maga office
and INC 5000 CEO.
For over 2 decades Matan has been coaching pro athletes, 
military and police units, sexual assault survivors, 
entrepreneurs, female fighters, and Hollywood Elite
to tap into their highest potential increase performance, 
nurture their fighting spirit and reject victimization in all it's forms.

Matan has been featured as an expert on Anderson Cooper, Sports Illustrated, CBS, National Geographic, INC Magazine, the The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Nightline to name a few.

Matan holds a BA from Columbia University in NYC and is a husband and a father.
  • Wish to connect with a stronger side of yourself.
  • ​Ever felt helpless, taken advantage of, or powerless. 
  • Feeling "stuck" in your fitness/career/ relationship journey 
  • ​Feel that being more confident, assertive and self assured would be beneficial
  • ​Ready to learn how simple mindset shifts can create massive behavior changes
  • ​Are ready to live life unapologetically on your own terns.

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