The fully sponsored 
6 Week 
Krav Maga Challenge

Get your training Sponsored

The Krav Maga 6 Weeks Challenge is the fastest way to get your body in shape while learning real life self defense

FIT HIT will fully sponsor the training of anyone who successfully complete the challenge

What is FIT HIT?
An Award winning 9,000 sqf Chelsea boutique
that focuses on FITNESS and real

You go through the training in our facility
We pick up the tab

Why are we sponsoring the training?
Because over 90% of participants choose to join our community full time afterwards

What is the experience like

  • Upscale facility: train in a beautiful high end boutique
  • Expert instructors: Highly trained to motivate and empower you
  • Real world training: Learn Krav Maga, self defense for the real world
  • ​Get Fit: Every move is designed to challenge your muscles
  • Eat Clean:  Full nutrition planning for your goals
How do I get sponsored
Sign up for an initial consultation and tour of our Manhattan facility
What do we go over during the consultation
  • Get a VIP tour of the facility and amenities
  •  Challenge structure and expectations
  •  Results you are expected to get from it
  •  How to get fully sponsored

The consultation is a no pressure conversation with a coach to make sure the training program and sponsorship options are perfect fit for you, your goals and your schedule.


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FIT HIT 122 W-27th ST. New York, NY 10001

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